Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Kerrang! review of Under The Fog first time around

The King Blues Under The Fog KKKK
Seditionary skanking straight from the squats
Words: Paul Travers
"The King Blues serve as a reminder of several things about punk rock: that protest doesn’t have to come served as three-chord punk cliché, that music doesn’t have to feature crushing riffs to be effective and that ska doesn’t have to be plinky, parpy or as shallow as a pool of gnat’s piss. ’Under The Fog’ is a largely acoustic affair but it is by turns angry, gritty and occasionally plain piss funny. It’s also far punkier in attitude and outlook than any album containing ukuleles and whistling ought to be, and certainly far more so than the generic offering to fall off the generic pop-punk production line."

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